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CASE STUDY - HOT TAPPING OF JET FUEL PIPELINE                                                                                
Proposed Solution                                                                      
Site Operation                                                                      
Alstern has many years of experience and successful track records of performing welding, tie-in operations and hot tapping for these works. After submission and review of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Method of Statement (MOS), Alstern was awarded this job.
A short pipe spool was welded onto the existing fuel oil pipeline. Thereafter the weld joint was tested with dye penetration and the completed assembly was hydrotested.Thereafter hot tapping was performed successfully in accordance to the customer’s requirement.
Background Information:                                                                      
An international company requires the addition of an additive into the fuel product pipeline. It is too expensive to shutdown the transportation pipeline and flush the system before adding a new branch pipe into the existing system. However, the transportation pipeline is carrying jet fuel with flash point at 38°C. This tie-in project requires a professional company with solid track records in order to carry out this work
Pipe spool installation
Hot tap operation
DP test after welding works
Tie-in operation completed
CASE STUDY - HOT TAPPING                                                                              
Background Information:                                                                      
A major conglomerate in Malaysia has announced an expansion plan for their existing retail mall. The chilled water system is interconnected to major hotels, restaurants and office towers. The project team is required to provide for two 14” new chilled water pipelines to cater for future use without affecting existing operations.In this case study, the project team is faced with the challenge of performing hot tap operation while maintaining operation of existing pipeline. The existing 36” pipeline is a critical pipe supplying chilled water to office tenants with data servers, major banks and it is also the office of the Prime Minister.
Proposed Solution                                                                      
Alstern Technologies, being one of the well-reputed companies in the providing pipeline solutions, was invited to survey the site to offer our professional advice. With our successful track records and a professional team of specialists, we convinced and won the project with our hot tap proposal.
Site Operation                                                                      
Our service team has carefully plan to execute this project with all safety procedures in mind. Upon mobilization, our operation staffs began to perform necessary pre-inspection works to ascertain the pipe integrity. Thereafter, installation of the full-encirclement hot tap saddle with NDT inspections. The hot tap operations commenced in accordance to schedule and the entire project was completed successfully.
The hot tap operation was a success and project has reaffirmed our customers’ confidence in our services. For Alstern Technologies Group, this is another successful project and satisfied customer, however we will continue to strive to achieve greater heights with our pipeline services.
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