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CASE STUDY - DOUBLE LINE STOP & PIPELINE BYPASS                                                                            
Proposed Solution                                                                      
Site Operation                                                                      
Alstern Technologies presented our proposed solution to perform a double line stop at both the upstream and downstream section of the pipeline while installing a temporary bypass to ensure that system operation is not interrupted. Thereafter the pipe section between the line stops can be removed and replaced.
Our service team has carefully plan to execute this project with all safety procedures in mind. Before mobilization, our operation staffs began to perform necessary pre-inspection works to ascertain the pipe integrity. Thereafter, installation of the hot tap saddle with NDT inspections. The hot tap operations commenced and followed by the double line stop operation, in accordance to schedule and the entire project was completed successfully.
Background Information:                                                                      
A worldwide financial institution has a gold bullion vault located in Hong Kong. The building is heavily guarded and security is extremely tight. All services within the building must be continuously operational without any possibility of a shutdown.As the building has been operating for many years, one of the 5” gate valve was malfunction and the management and operations team started looking for a solution to replace the valve without affecting the operation.
CASE STUDY - LINE STOP & BYPASS OPERATION                                                                            
Background Information:                                                                      
A world renowned company needs to perform a double line stop operation to divert operation to a new pipeline install a ball valve into the main pipeline whilst the supply to downstream remained unaffected.
Site Operation:                                                      
CASE STUDY - LINE STOP & BYPASS OPERATION                                                            
A world renowned company needs to perform a double line stop operation to install a ball valve into the main pipeline (36” diameter) and install a permanent 28” bypass pipeline whilst the system is in operation. After line stop and bypass operation is completed, the pipeline should remain piggable.
Background Information                                                              
The hot tap and double line stop operation was a success and project has reaffirmed our customer's confidence in our services. Once again this is another successful project and satisfied customer for Alstern Technologies Group.We wish to thank you all for your support, encouragement and feedback. We will continue to strive to achieve greater heights with our pipeline services.
Hot Tap Operation
Double Line Stop Operation
Work Completion
Site Operation                                                             
Pipe Surface Preparation
Installation of Line Stop Fitting
Hot Tap Operation
Installing Line Stop Adapter
Installing Sandwich Valve
Hot Tap Coupon 
Line Stop Plugging Head 
Line Stop Completed
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