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Alstern Technologies providing a wide range of  offshore services equipment that includes pipeline cleaning, hydrostatic testing, dewatering and various types of nitrogen services such as nitrogen cooling, nitrogen pipe freezing, nitrogen pressure testing, nitrogen foam-inerting etc.,
Our certified technicians have years of field experience. They are well-trained and well-equipped with the appropriate equipment to handle each type of leakages. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and require our technicians to undergo rigorous re-training courses each year to keep themselves abreast of the latest detection technology and methodologies.
Alstern Technologies Singapore offers a complete service that includes: FOAMSMART thermal and cryogenic insulation, sheet metal fabrication and fire protection cladding. These services cover installation, fabrication, project management and material supply contracts. Our markets include Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and HVAC industries as well as offshore and shipyards.
•    Thermal Insulation (Hot & Cold) using rockwool, calcium silicate,
       FOAMSMART™ Polyurethane, perlite, armaflex / insulflexetc.,
•    Cryogenic Insulation for pipelines,. storage tank / vessel
•    Acoustic Insulation by removable jacketing
•    Perforated protective cladding
Heat tracing can be separately in electrical or steam tracing. At Alstern Technologies, we offer full turnkey project capability, from the initial enquiry through site surveys to final client handover. All design work is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
•    Using the latest CAD software, system design complies with the latest  
      national and international standards and approvals.
•    We have a team of fully qualified installation and site supervision engineers
      to ensure that systems are installed in full accordance with the specified
      design and that system conform to national and international standards
      and codes of practice.
•    Our commissioning engineers will carry out final inspection and testing,
      ensuring system operation is in accordance with design specification, prior
      to handing over to the client.
•    Our Engineers will also provide training to clients on the maintenance
      procedures of the system.
Passive fire protection is an effective system for protection of hydrocarbon and jet fire on bulkhead, vessels, pipes, cable tray system and structural members. This generally consists of a coating of fire resistant insulating media applied to a vessel or steel surface. It is often used where water or other active protection media supplies are inadequate, such as in remote locations, or where there are difficulties with handling fire water run-off. Fire walls are another form of passive fire protection that is used to prevent the spread of fire and the exposure of adjacent equipment to thermalradiation.
•    The protective capability of the system is provided by the poor heat
       conductivity of the system.
•    Alstern Technologies provide protection of hydrocarbon and jet fire on
       bulkhead, vessels, pipes, cable tray system and structural members using
       cementitious-based or mastic based PFP products.
•    These products are capable of withstanding 60 minutes jetfire (J30) and 60 
        minutes hydrocarbon pool fire (H30).
At Alstern Technologies, we believe in providing on-site pipeline solutions efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians will deliver cost effective solutions to our customer’s piping system requirements. In addition to the pipeline services, Alstern Technologies also provides turnkey service operations and tie-in projects.
Many piping systems require some degree of cleaning prior to plant start-up. This pre-commissioning cleaning of piping systems is to remove construction debris left in the pipe that would be detrimental to plant start up.Pre-commissioning of new pipelines is a core competency for Alstern Technologies and it remains a large part of our pipeline business today. Whether your pipeline will carry crude oil, refined products, natural gas, or high purity petrochemical products we have an array of services to ensure your pipeline is put in service in the best possible condition, assuring you of a trouble free start up, and minimising operational problems down the road.
•    Pipe cleaning is achieved by creating turbulent flows or flows that are higher
      than the intended designed operating flow of the system being cleaned.
•    These "cleaning force ratio's" are expressed in the terms of creating 
      conditions that exceed operating conditions. A cleaning force ratio of 1.2 is
      creating flow conditions 20% higher than operating conditions of the pipe
      system in normal designed condition. The higher the cleaning force ratio
      achieved, the more debris is removed from the pipe.
•    Cleaning methods can also be used in conjunction with other
      commissioning tasks  such as hydrotesting, leak testing, or drying of the  
      pipe system.
•    Thus using both engineering and economics the proper balance between
      each aspect of the cleaning process may be achieved in order to yield the
      greatest overall benefit in the quickest possible time frame with minimum
      but potential resources.
Hydrotesting of a pipeline is carried out mainly to check the integrity of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline can beoperated at its Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) and is free from any major defects which could affect the pipeline during operation. It is the most conventional and economical method to test pipelines before or during Operations.
•    Alstern Technologies maintains an extensive inventory of high pressure
      positive displacement pumps, break tanks, test ends, temperature and
      pressure monitoring and recording instruments and has the experience to
      operate them efficiently.
•    Depending on the length and diameter of the pipe being tested the    
      appropriate pumps and equipments will be dispatched to the site to ensure
      that the pipeline is tested with the highest level of accuracy and precaution.
•    Alstern Technologies will also provide if necessary proper test headers
      including all valves blinds flanges, Gaskets and other fittings.
•    After each test is completed Alstern Technologies will provide the
      client/contractor with a test report including all documents necessary to
      meet company ISO norms / international specification.
•    Alstern Technologies has a team of dedicated and professional specialist and
      equipment for hydrotesting of pipelines of any size.
After a successful hydrostatic test, water must be removed from the pipeline prior to the introduction of product. While this is sometimes performed by displacing the water directly with product, in most cases, the water is removed separately by dewatering with air. This is particularly the case where complete drying is required.The pipeline is usually dewatered using a multi-pig train propelled with air. If the line is to be subsequently dried, it is beneficial to use dry air for this process.
•    Alstern Technologies has a fleet of portable air driers capable of producing
       dew points as low as -73 °C (-100 °F) at flow rates up to 15,000 scfm.
•    Alstern Technologies calculates the amount of fresh water required based
      on pig efficiency and residual film thickness.
•    Alstern Technologies provides a wide variety of air compressors to suit the
      requirements of the particular pipeline.
•   These project requirements are usually met using primary screw
      compressors, but if high pressure is required positive displacement booster
      compressors will be added to provide pressures up to 5,500 psig.
Leak detection on process plant or systems using a helium trace in a nitrogen carrier gas, is the most accurate and quantifiable method available. On an offshore production platform module, or within a petrochemical complex, the elimination of hydrocarbon leakage is an operational priority. Such loss of containment can lead to hazardous situations, environmental impact and financial loss. Nitrogen/Helium leak Testing service is a pre-commissioning requisite to ensure that production equipment and pipingsystems are verified to be safe for use before the system is put on live.
•    Alstern Technologies provides a fully integrated service including  bolt
       tensioning to tighten joints to the desired tolerances in a controlled and
       safe manner.
•    This is complementary to the discipline of helium leak detection, and
       provides the client with documented confidence in the leak tight condition
       of his facility, prior to the introduction of hydrocarbons.
•    Alstern Technologies Helium/ Nitrogen Leak Detection service can be used
       to undertake pressure testing, leak detection, valve seat leakage, start-up
       and  shutdown / turnaround
•    Alstern Technologies nitrogen pumps are rated at 180,000scf/hr and
      capable of working to 10,000psi.
•    They are soundproofed to 80dB(A) and built to the highest standards,
       meeting all current legislation.
•    The Helium Leak Detection Equipment used is the latest generation Mass
      Spectrometer Technology. These new Leak Detectors offer superior accuracy
      and reliability.
•    On average, a leak can be detected, logged and the Mass Spectrometer reset
       within 20 seconds.
•    This accuracy and reliability is then passed on to Clients who can commission
       the plant knowing that it is truly leak free.
Alstern Technologies provides variety of nitrogen services such as nitrogen cooling, nitrogen pressure testing, nitrogen pipe freezing, nitrogen purging, nitrogen drying, nitrogen foaminerting, nitrogen mothballing, nitrogen gaslifting and nitrogen/helium leak detection, which are used in chemical industries, marine, offshore, building & facilities management, industrial processing etc.,
•   Nitrogen Cooling is the use of liquid or gases nitrogen to assist in the cooling
     process and thereby saving valuable shutdown time.
•   Using nitrogen offers a number of advantages for drying operations.
•   Pipe freezing is applicable to a variety of situations include pipeline
      maintenance and repair works, changing of valves, flanges or pumps,
      testing for leakage
•   Nitrogen is used in well applications to reduce the weight of fluid in the
•   The use of inert gas(Nitrogen) to control corrosion of the internal surface of
      plant equipment can be an effective method.
•   Large volumes of nitrogen can be pumped by Alstern Technologies’ pumping
     equipment to assist in cooling process and save valuable hours of shutdown
•   Alstern Technologies has a wide range of equipment suited to system drying,
     particularly for moisture sensitive petrochemical plants.
•   In some circumstances, when hydrostatic testing is not possible, systems may
     be tested with nitrogen. However, system design specifications must be
     reviewed and a detailed risk analysis completed before testing with a
     compressible medium.
•   Nitrogen foam inerting is an enhanced safety service generated by passing
     'positive pressure' gaseous nitrogen through a generator and injected into
      pipes and vessels.
•   Alstern Technologies has a large fleet of nitrogen equipment. Our nitrogen
      testing capability extends to pressures of 1,000 barg (14,500 psig), and with
      flowrates limited only the supply of liquid nitrogen.
•   For offshore LNG production, nitrogen cooling is used in a plate-rib heat
      exchanger which is to condense hydrocarbon gases to liquid.
•   Alstern Technologies have extensive experience in nitrogen drying across its
     worldwide operations.
•   Nitrogen freezing is convenient, flexible, time saving, money saving, hassle 
      free, reliable and quick.
•   Foam inerting continues to be one of the most important and versatile
      safety services that Alstern Technologies offer worldwide.
•   With over 15 years of experience, Alstern Technologies has established as
      one of the leaders in specialised nitrogen related services, and enabled our    
      clients to reduce turnaround schedules, improve operating efficiencies, and
      implement the highest standards of site safety.
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