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Alstern Technologies owned a wide range of  on-site machining equipment that are suitable for spark-free services especially in the Marine & Offshore and Oil & Gas Industries.
Our certified technicians have years of field experience. They are well-trained and well-equipped with the appropriate equipment to handle each type of leakages. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and require our technicians to undergo rigorous re-training courses each year to keep themselves abreast of the latest detection technology and methodologies.
Hydraulic bolt torquing is the more familiar technique for the prevention of leaks in bolted assemblies such as pipe flanges. Given the wide range of sizes and specifications, it is important to choose the right tool and the right application. The hydraulic torque wrench is simple to use, and sometimes the only practical tool but it does have speed and accuracy limitations. It is the varying friction between the threads of the stud and the nut, and between the nut face and the flange, that causes inconsistencies between the applied force and the residual bolt load. Surface finish, lubrication and material type, all change the effects of friction.
•    Prevention of leaks in bolted assemblies such as pipe flanges.
•    Electronic tagging to provide detailed historical information and proven
       quality control of every system component.
•    The integration of flange management with our Nitrogen/Helium leak
       detection and  other services can produce substantial reductions in
       manpower, interfaces to be managed, and lead to a more efficient and cost
       effective plant start-up.
•    Hydraulic bolt tensioning is a semi-automated process substantially faster
      than bolt torquing
•    Bolt tensioning enables a hydraulic load, more commonly known as the
      applied load, to act upon the stud bolt
•    Alstern Technologies promote the benefits of 'controlled tightening' being
      the use of specially designed equipment, proven bolt loading calculations
      and written procedures, to tighten joints to the desired tolerances in a 
      controlled and safe manner.
Alstern Technologies provides specialized on-site engineering services for the marine, offshore and oil & gas industries. Apart from providing quality work, we take utmost care in ensuring our jobs are done efficiently and on-time to comply with project/shut-down schedules, potentially saving your business enormous costs & maintenance hours while improving productivity.  We are available and at your service around the clock and our on-site team can be dispatched to any locations around the world on short notice. Our response to your request is further enhanced by access to our permanently established facilities located throughout the region.
•    We provide on-site maching services such as In-line boring, facing, milling,
       drilling, etc.
•    Anything which cannot be machined in a workshop can be dealt with just as
      efficiently by having equipment and manpower brought on-site.
•    With access to portable machines, we are continuously building up our range 
       of specially designed equipment to carry out precision and heavy duty
       machining operations at any locations throughout the region.
Laser alignment is used when connecting pipes to rotating equipment to ensure pipe stress is minimised. Laser alignment system has higher resolution than conventional dial indicators and therefore provide a more accurate alignment result. Laser measurement on offshore platform between different modules provide a accurate and consistent measurement for tie-in points.Laser alignment is also used to align rotating machinery to their required tolerance.
•    Shaft & couplings
•    Soft foot measurement & correction
•    Pipe stress measurement & correction
•    Thermal growth measurement
•    Pulley driven machines
•    Machine train alignment
•    Rotating & reciprocating machines
•    Compressors and turbines
Alstern Technologies Singapore offers a complete service that includes: FOAMSMART thermal and cryogenic insulation, sheet metal fabrication and fire protection cladding. These services cover installation, fabrication, project management and material supply contracts. Our markets include Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and HVAC industries as well as offshore and shipyards.
•    Thermal Insulation (Hot & Cold) using rockwool, calcium silicate,
       FOAMSMART™ Polyurethane, perlite, armaflex / insulflexetc.,
•    Cryogenic Insulation for pipelines,. storage tank / vessel
•    Acoustic Insulation by removable jacketing
•    Perforated protective cladding
Heat tracing can be separately in electrical or steam tracing. At Alstern Technologies, we offer full turnkey project capability, from the initial enquiry through site surveys to final client handover. All design work is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification.
•    Using the latest CAD software, system design complies with the latest  
      national and international standards and approvals.
•    We have a team of fully qualified installation and site supervision engineers
      to ensure that systems are installed in full accordance with the specified
      design and that system conform to national and international standards  
      and codes of practice.
•    Our commissioning engineers will carry out final inspection and testing,
      ensuring system operation is in accordance with design specification, prior
      to handing over to the client.
•    Our Engineers will also provide training to clients on the maintenance
      procedures of the system.
Passive fire protection is an effective system for protection of hydrocarbon and jet fire on bulkhead, vessels, pipes, cable tray system and structural members. This generally consists of a coating of fire resistant insulating media applied to a vessel or steel surface. It is often used where water or other active protection media supplies are inadequate, such as in remote locations, or where there are difficulties with handling fire water run-off. Fire walls are another form of passive fire protection that is used to prevent the spread of fire and the exposure of adjacent equipment to thermalradiation.
•    The protective capability of the system is provided by the poor heat
       conductivity of  the system.
•    Alstern Technologies provide protection of hydrocarbon and jet fire on
       bulkhead, vessels, pipes, cable tray system and structural members using  
       cementitious-based or mastic based PFP products.
•    These products are capable of withstanding 60 minutes jetfire (J30) and 60
       minutes hydrocarbon pool fire (H30).
At Alstern Technologies, we believe in providing on-site pipeline solutions efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians will deliver cost effective solutions to our customer’s piping system requirements. In addition to the pipeline services, Alstern Technologies also provides turnkey service operations and tie-in projects.
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