Hot tapping is a method of employing an under pressure drilling machine to cut a hole in an operating pipeline or storage vessel which allows for a new branch connection from the existing pipe or vessel without any interruption to the flow.

Hot tapping is also the first procedure in line stopping, where a hole saw is used to make an opening the pipe, so a line plugging head can be inserted.

When it is needed?

You may face the following problems during pipe alteration & addition works:
Insertion of a new branch in an operational pipeline
Insertion of branch that require to drain off large amount of fluid
Insertion or replacement of valve in an operational pipeline
Preparing the pipeline for line stopping
The components required for a typical hot tapping operation include a hot tap fitting designed to contain system pressure, a valve used to control the new connection and a hot tapping machine. The basic operation procedure is as follows:

1. Install hot tap fitting and valve on existing pipeline.
2. Install hot tapping machine.
3. Perform hot tap through open valve and “coupon” is retrieved.
4. Retract cutting assembly.
5. Close hot tapping valve.
6. Retract cutting assembly.
7. Remove hot tap machine to allow for connection to new pipe.
Hot tap Process
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We provide hot tapping service with the following advantages:

We are capable of providing hot tapping service for
One-Stop Service - Hot Tap accessories & service, insulation & piping works
Convenient - No need for massive draining of fluid
Hassle Free - Installation of valves, pressure & vacuum gauge, thermowell
Reliable - Many years of hot tapping experience
Cost Effective - Our hot tap services are price competitive
Technicians at Alstern Technologies are highly skilled and trained to operate and execute hot tapping operations. We have performed many such operations in various industries across the Asia Pacific region.
Tapping of various pipe material including carbon, galvanished  and stainless steel, ductile and cast iron and metal pipe with concrete lining.
Pipeline up to 48" (1200mm) diameter
Operating pressure up to 1,500 psi
Operating temperature up to 300°C
Various pipe including oil, gas, water, steam or wastewater.
At Alstern Technologies, we believe in providing on-site pipeline solutions efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians will deliver cost effective solutions to our customer’s piping system requirements. In addition to the pipeline services, Alstern Technologies also provides turnkey service operations and tie-in projects.
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