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At Alstern Technologies, we have a team of professional and well-trained specialists to provide leak detection service on underground gas and water pipelines, concealed pipeline, air ducts and storage (pressure or vacuum) vessels.

We used state-of-the art digital leak correlators, acoustic equipment, ultrasonic equipment and tracer gases to determine the source of leak, so that remedial works can be carried out.

Leaks are often associated with the following problems::
Leaks are expensive
High pressure and temperature leaks are dangerous to the safety of workers
High pressure and temperature leaks are threatening to properties and environment
Leak Detection
   Underground  Leaks             Air Duct Leaks                  Data Analysis                    Spot Leak Location

We provide leak detection service with the following advantages:

[A] Water Pipe Leak Detection
      We provide digital leak correlate to localise, locate and pinpoint leak location for:
Our service team is ready 24-hours day
Trained and experienced leak detection specialist
Does not require hacking down of walls or road excavation
Accurate and reliable results
Leak report provided (when employing mobile leak detection equipment)
Our certified technicians have years of field experience. They are well-trained and well-equipped with the appropriate equipment to handle each type of leakages. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and require our technicians to undergo rigorous re-training courses each year to keep themselves abreast of the latest detection technology and methodologies.
Underground water pipelines (e.g. industrial water, fire service, waste water, etc.)
Concealed water pipelines
Underground gas pipelines (e.g. Freon, LPG, LNG, etc.)
Concealed gas pipelines
Pipe fittings (e.g. valve passing, steam traps, pipe joints, etc.)
[B] Gas Pipe Leak Detection
      We provide tracer gas leak detection service for:
[C] Pipe, Duct or Equipment Leak Detection
      We provide ultrasonic leak detection service for:
Pipe fittings (e.g. valve passing, steam traps, pipe joints, etc.)
Equipment (e.g. boiler tubes, exchangers, pressure or storage vessels, etc.)
Air ducts
At Alstern Technologies, we believe in providing on-site pipeline solutions efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians will deliver cost effective solutions to our customer’s piping system requirements. In addition to the pipeline services, Alstern Technologies also provides turnkey service operations and tie-in projects.
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