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Leak Sealing is an online leak repair service performed on operating pipelines, without shutting down the operation, so that the system can continue to operate avoiding expensive shutdown or losses. Alstern Technologies Singapore can help you prevent expensive shutdowns by providing safe, controlled onsite and online leak repairs for any leaking process.

Leaks are often associated with the following problems::
Leaks are expensive
High pressure & temperature leaks are associated with machines that cannot shut down
High pressure and temperature leaks are dangerous to the safety of workers
High pressure and temperature leaks are threatening to properties and environment
Leak repairs are expensive and most methods require system to be shut down
Leak repairs are temporary and sometimes ineffective
Current methods of leak repair are not able to withstand high temperature & pressure
Leak Sealing

We provide leak sealing service with the following advantages:

[A] Water Pipe Leak Detection
Trained and experienced leak sealing specialist
Apply latest under-pressure leak sealing techniques
Meet all Process Safety Management requirements
Sealants available for any applications
Off-the-shelf leak sealing clamps for any standard applications
Quick custom-made repair clamps
Our certified technicians have years of field experience. They are well-trained and well-equipped with the appropriate equipment to handle each type of leakages. We employ state-of-the-art equipment and require our technicians to undergo rigorous re-training courses each year to keep themselves abreast of the latest detection technology and methodologies.
Screwed, welded socket weld or seamless weld
45° or 90° elbow leaks
Long or short-radius elbow leaks
Leaking, cracked or broken flanges
Hub-weld leaks, lap joint leaks
Out-of-round, mismatched, tapered gap leaks
Case joint leaks (on rotating equipment)
Valve bonnet leaks (oval, round or square)
Leaks from rough, pitted outside diameter
Leaking flanges of different diameter (with common center)
Line, valve-end, flat face flange leaks
[B] Flange Leak Repair
[C] Valve Leak Repair
Leaks from cracked valve body
Leaking valve seats
Leaks from open ball valves
Valve stem, packing leaks
Valve-killing services available
Elbow leaks
Tee leaks
Screwed, welded socket weld or seamless weld
Piping leaks
Weld, pinhole, crack, or corrosion leaks
Underground, underwater or overhead line leaks
Union or Coupling leaks
Under fluctuating temperature or pressure
Under variable line condition

[D] Heat Exchanger Leak Repair
Roll leaks
Flange leaks for any temperature or pressure
Leaks from flanges with large outside diameter
Leaks from flanges with wide gaps
Tube side leaks
Shell and tube exchanger leaks

[E] Expansion Joint Leak Repair
All bellow-type joint leaks
Effective for any temperature or pressure
Applicable on any joint with longitudinal movement
Any dock or loading arm leak
Ball joint leaks
Telescoping leaks
[F] Pressure Vessel Leak Repair
Column leaks
Tank leaks
Overturned tank car leaks
Heat exchanger shell leaks
Large diameter pipe leaks
[G] Furnace Leak Repair
Boiler roof, sidewall leaks
Foster-Wheeler reformer leaks
Other manufactured reformer leaks
[H] Tower Tray Leak Repair
Chimney tray leaks
Valve tray leaks
Draw or trap tray leaks
[I] Weld & Thread Leak Repair
Threaded, socket weld leaks
Small stub-out, valve end, union or coupling leaks
Pump, agitator, compressor leaks
Leak Sealing on LPG Gas Pipe
Leak Sealing on
Elbow Leak
Leak Sealing on   Threaded Joint
Leak Sealing on 
Pipe Flange
At Alstern Technologies, we believe in providing on-site pipeline solutions efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians will deliver cost effective solutions to our customer’s piping system requirements. In addition to the pipeline services, Alstern Technologies also provides turnkey service operations and tie-in projects.
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