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Line stop is a method that temporarily stops the pipe flow in a section of the pipe so as to allow for alteration and addition works to be carried out at the downstream of the pipeline; without stopping or purging the system.

Line Stopping service is used for:
(a) Isolating a section of operational pipeline foralteration works
(b) Preparing the pipeline for bypass operation
(i.e. divert the pipe flow via a bypass pipeline while performing pipe maintenance or alteration.)
[1] Hot Tapping Procedure
Hot tap machine is inserted into the split tee hot tap fitting to remove a portion of the pipe.
Only one unit of hot tap is required for single line stop operation. For double line stop, two such hot taps will be performed.
[2] Linestop Procedure
After the hot tap operation is completed, a single or double line stop machine (mechanical or inflated) is fitted into the pipeline to temporarily stop the flow into the isolated area.
Pipeline bypass is a procedure that uses two or more line stop machine to temporarily stop the flow in one section of an operating pipeline, while diverting the pipe flow through a temporary bypass, so that the affected section of pipeline can be repaired, replaced or altered without shutting down the system.

By-Pass service is used for isolating a section of operational pipeline while maintaining pipe flow through the entire pipe system

We provide linestopping service with the following advantages:

We are capable of providing hot tapping service for
One-Stop Service - Hot Tap accessories & service, insulation & piping works
Convenient - No need for massive draining of fluid
Hassle Free - Installation of valves, pressure & vacuum gauge, thermowell
Reliable - Many years of hot tapping & linestop/by-pass experience
Cost Effective - Our hot tap services are price competitive
Tapping of various pipe material including carbon, galvanished  and stainless steel, ductile and cast iron and metal pipe with concrete lining.
Pipeline up to 48" (1200mm) diameter
Operating pressure up to 1,500 psi
Operating temperature up to 300°C
Various pipe including oil, gas, water, steam or wastewater.
At Alstern Technologies, we believe in providing on-site pipeline solutions efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians will deliver cost effective solutions to our customer’s piping system requirements. In addition to the pipeline services, Alstern Technologies also provides turnkey service operations and tie-in projects.
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